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Compliance Policy

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Compliance Policy

Revised on April 1, 2016

OKAYA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. and its subsidiaries and associates (hereinafter the “Group”)
treat the practice of compliance as essential for the survival and future development of the Group. The Group
will behave not only in compliance with all laws and regulations applying to its corporate activities, but also
with high ethical standards, and it will operate its business activities in a highly transparent manner with
fairness and integrity.

Code of Conduct

  • The Group will constantly strive to identify what are the values that reflect our customers’ true needs, while giving due consideration to the protection of customer information, and provide safe and high-quality products and services that are useful for society.
  • The Group will comply with all laws and rules, while respecting the spirit thereof, and behave in accordance with fairness and high ethical standards.
  • The Group, while respecting the culture and customs of the countries and territories where it conducts business activities and showing consideration for the environments of those places, will cooperate with local societies and contribute to their development and growth in the course of developing technologies and carrying out business activities in an environmentally harmonious fashion.
  • The Group will aspire to be an appealing corporate citizen by practicing appropriate information disclosure targeting not only shareholders and the financial market but also the broader society, upholding transparency and soundness of company management, and pursuing long-term and continual growth of corporate value.
  • The Group will provide a workplace climate that, while showing consideration to the safety and health of the officers, employees, etc. of the Group, respects the personality, individuality, and lifestyle of each individual and promotes the acquisition of qualifications and the development of abilities of individuals. Moreover, each officer, employee, etc. of the Group will strive to acquire knowledge and improve technical skills to provide the values needed by society.
  • The Group will resolutely oppose antisocial forces and organizations, which threaten order and safety in society.