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LED lighting

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LED lighting

Examples of main use products

  • Noise suppression capacitor
    Noise suppression capacitor

    It’s a highly safe film capacitor that is approved by safety standards. It’s useful for countermeasures against conduction noise in power line.

  • Capacitor for PFC circuit
    Capacitor for PFC circuit

    It’s useful for PFC circuit (countermeasure of harmonic). It is excellent in mounting stability with resin case type.

    • Capacitor for resonant circuit
      Capacitor for resonant circuit

      Small size and high ripple current withstanding film capacitor designed for resonant circuit. It is excellent in mounting stability with resin case type.

  • SPD(PCB mounted type)
    SPD(PCB mounted type)

    It protects the equipment from induced lightning surge flowing from power line and signal line. There are glass tube type and ceramic tube type.

  • SPD(SMD type)
    SPD(SMD type)

    It’s ideal for countermeasures against induced lightning surge flowing from the signal line and static electricity surge. Although it’s compact and thin, it has high impulse current capacity.

  • Circular LED lamp
    Circular LED lamp

    It can be used for exchanging starter type circular fluorescent lamp (30W type) or for lighting light source. Lightning surge and tracking measures, safety design of double insulation structure.

  • Bar type LED lamp
    Bar type LED lamp

    It’s a LED light bar with long service life and maintenance free. It’s used for lighting in the panel of machine tools, factory, safety light in factory or building management.

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