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We aim at sustainable growth as
an authentic professional of electronic parts

In the environment of rapidly progressing information technologies, OKAYA's products have been expanding from measures for noise and surge, and display-related to sensor-related products.
Their importance is growing larger. Our products might be electronic parts which are invisible from outside. However, they play important roles to comtribute to the society fundamentally supporting various products, lives and industrial safety. To that end, We are rapidly responding to market needs with a good faith, our company's philosophy, as an authentic electronic parts manufacturer.
Upon these activities we are hoping to be a company "Customer Trust Company" gaining security and trust of our stakeholders, including our customers, business partners, local communities, stockholders and employees.
With promotion of shifting manufacturing overseas at current,
we have established worldwide product supply system, while we are domestically focusing on manufacturing applied products with high added values. We will go forward to attain to sustainable growth, under the motto of "OKAYA be the one", concentrating every management resource, human, product and technology toward the future.

Naoto Yamada
Naoto Yamada

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