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LED & sensor product

LED lighting source


Category Series name Features
Circular LED lamp RLM Radiation noise is reduced by built-in PFC circuit, Countermeasures of lightning surge and tracking, Safety design of the double insulation construction
Bar type LED lamp(Standard I) RLB Fluorecent lamp 8W/4W equivalent size, Equivalent to IP64
Bar type LED lamp(Standard II) RSN A dome-shaped cover realizes a seemless lighting source when connecting
Aluminum channel bar type RSN Lightweight and robust by using aluminium channel bar, Length of standard type 900mm
High power LED RLD24 JISD1601 compliant, Withstand voltage AC1,000V
Industrial LED light bulb RLM-E12 For lighting of back light, E12 type

LED display device


Category Series name Features
LED indicator BD For pilot lamp
LED 7 segment display RCN Emission height 8mm, Reflow soldering avairable
LED dot matrix display unit RLU Please refer to the catalog
LED character display unit RLU  Please refer to the catalog

Sensor product


Category Series name Features
Transmissive photointerrupter RPU Separate light emission diode, Separate photo diode, Integral device(receiving/emission)
Photo reflecter RPU Barcode reader/Dot detection/Paper edge detection etc
Infrared LED RLD Encoder/Lighting source for rotary encoder/Photoelectric switch/automatic equipment for industrial use etc